Support Staff


Pupil Support Worker

Aberdeenshire’s Children’s Services Networks employ Pupil Support Workers to support the Health and Wellbeing of all pupils.

Our Pupil Support Worker, based at Banff Academy, is Jordan Strachan.

The Pupil Support Worker can provide emotional support and practical help to any pupil who is finding life a bit tough, is vulnerable or because something is stopping them from learning and achieving, including behaviour, Pupils may access this support for a short time or over a longer period. A pupil can be supported through some one-to-one time (which provides an opportunity to talk in confidence away from the classroom) or as part of a small group.

All Pupil Support Workers, like all school staff, are trained in Child Protection.

Forming trust is essential between pupils and the PSW. This is especially important if pupils wish me to communicate their feelings or needs to other people or represent them at meetings.

A PSW can help with:

– School based issues

– Anger management

– Bereavement

– Friendships/relationships

– Self-harm/risk taking behaviour

– Low self-esteem/confidence

– Stress/anxiety/relaxation

– Social skills and positive behaviour

– Managing autism/ADHD

– Transition

PSW’s provide pupils with the chance to meet with a supportive adult who will listen to their concerns and views. This allows the pupils to talk about sensitive issues such as:

– Family changes due to separation and divorce

– Domestic violence

– Parental misuse of alcohol and drugs

– Parental illness or unemployment

A referral from the Guidance Teacher can be made to access PSW support, alternatively a pupil can make a self-referral or, if they prefer, can just ask for a chat and/or some advice.

Young Carers

A young carer is someone under 18 who looks after someone at home who may be ill, disabled, has a mental health condition or substance misuse issue

Young carers are just young people with caring responsibilities. They look the same as everyone else but can lead very different lives.

Young Carers will often have to support the person they are caring for with things like dressing, washing, medication and household chores like cooking and cleaning, Young Carers may also look after any siblings, do the family shopping and/or pay bills. As a result of this, Young Carers can often feel alone/isolated, stressed, depressed and/or tired.

The Pupil Support Worker can support Young Carers by giving them a private confidential place to chat and discuss any issues that they have, this can include involvement in a group setting for those in a caring role where they can share experiences and advice. The PSW can help to set up extra support in class in order to accommodate for the responsibilities that some Young Carers face.

A referral from the Guidance Teacher can be made to access PSW support, alternatively a pupil can make a self-referral or, if they prefer, can just ask for a chat and/or some advice.

Pupil Support Auxiliaries

Karen Duncan, Melanie Boak, Vicky Chalmers, Michelle Findlay, Gemma Gill, Lynne Hadden, Yvonne Knowslon, Kirsty MacDougall, Suzanne Martin, Carole Murray, Carol Smith, Irene Smith, Yvonne Thomson, Joanne Watt.

Music Instructors

Carol Bell, Paul Holroyd, Gareth John, Isabel John, Andrea Ralston, Alison Salter, Douglas Watt


Supervisory Janitor – John Wilson

Janitors – Ronald Smith, Findlay Watt



Network Librarian – Alistair Henderson

Library Assistant – Shirley Adie


School Administration

Admin Assistant – Shirly Dyson

Senior Clerical Assistant – Angela Cowie and Lynette Boyd

Clerical Assistants – Anne Gallon, Lucy Hogan, Suzanne Thomson, Allison Young


Technical Support

ICT Systems Analyst – Stephen Forrest


Whole School Technician  –  Sandy Cumming
Science Technicians  – Morag Cooper & Stefannie Whyte
Technical Assistants  – 
Caroline Bishop, Maureen Sim and Amanda McIntosh

Acting Whole School Technician – Alison Innes


School Nurse – Carol Park

School Nursing Assistant – Linda Connon


Canteen Staff

Canteen Supervisor – Una Sloan

Assistant Cooks – Eleanor Wood, Louise Geddes, Dianne Smith

Catering Assistants – Margaret Durno, Lorna Priest, May Wilson, Sheila Ross, Antonia Wood, Ruth Killoh, Kathleen Sivewright, Janey McKenzie, Linda Kaczmarek, Elaine Cameron and Maureen Eddie.

Relief Cover – Nicola Johnston and Sandra Whyte