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Wi’r hearin fit’s gaan on in schools in the new edition o Scots Language Radio – spikkin tae Scots Language Co-ordinator fae Education Scotland, Diane Anderson an Heed …

Useful information received from  the Scots Language Co-ordinator, Education Scotland.

SQA Award online resource grid1 Scots and Aberdeenshire Doric – final Germanic languages family tree (3)

Scots Language – we have been given a link to this very useful resource featuring audio from Banffshire / Banff

Banff Academy to offer New Scots Language Award

A new qualification is on offer which will let pupils fully explore the Scots Language. The qualification will be offered at level 4 or 5, which is equivalent to National 4 or 5.

The course is designed for those who speak and understand Scots, but also non-speakers who want to know more about the language. Doric is an important dialect of the Scots language and the course will take advantage of local knowledge. There are 2 main units of work:

1/ History and Development of Scots.

This explores Scots from its beginnings to the present day.

It also explores the relationship between Scots and other languages.

 2/ Understanding and communicating

Pupils will listen to and read Scots, and create and produce written or oral communication in Scots.

The course will be fun, creative and informative and will also provide a useful qualification.

 Open to anyone in S4 or above, equivalent to Nationals level.

Go and speak to Dr Fairbairn or Mrs Slater if interested. 

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