Science Faculty

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Head of Faculty

S. Bappoo (Acting for session 2017/18)


Biology Chemistry Physics
C. McIlwraith A. Bruce (Sabbatical for session 2017/18) S. Bappoo (also Engineering Science)
J. Millar A. Brown B. Reid
C. McFarlane D. Reid
N. Owen G. Watson


The Science Faculty includes the Departments of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Members of the faculty teach Science during S1 and S2 as part of the CfE Broad General Education. Each Department offers National Level courses at National 4, National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher.

The faculty is also offering National 5 and Higher Engineering Science in the 2017/18 session.

Curriculum and Courses

Science at Broad General Education (S1-S2)

Biology, Chemistry, Physics at Broad General Education (S3)

Senior phase (S4-6)

– Certificated National 4 and 5 courses are offered in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, National 5 Engineering Science.

– Certificated Higher courses are offered in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, Engineering Science.

РCertificated Advanced Higher courses are offered in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.