School Uniform

School Dress Code
Pupils are expected to wear school uniform while at school and when participating in
organised school trips or activities. The School Uniform for Banff Academy is:
 White shirt or blouse
 Black trousers or skirt
 Sensible black footwear
 Banff Academy tie
 Banff Academy black jumper/cardigan (optional)
 Banff Academy blazer (S5/S6, optional for S1-S4)
Other Dress Information:
For PE, pupils are expected to have a full change of PE kit including footwear and
clothing suitable for participating in indoor and outdoor activities.

Suppliers of School Uniform:
 Ties from the school office – £2.90
 Blazers and knitwear can be purchased from our current supplier Academy Uniforms via the following link:

Please remember to label all pupils’ clothing and personal items with their name.
Numerous items of clothing and other items are handed into lost property and are
never claimed, then donated to charity following a period of time.