Parent Council

The Parent Forum and Parent Council

Parent Councils are now established in almost all Aberdeenshire primary and secondary schools. The Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Act 2006 recognises the vital role that parents play in supporting their children’s learning.

The basic principle under-pinning the Act, is the desire to have children become more ‘confident learners’ through closer working between each family and the school.

The Parent Forum comprises all the parents/carers of pupils in BanffAcademy.  The Parent Council, which reports annually to the Parent Forum, is made up of a group of parents and others who have volunteered to offer support and advice to the school.

The Parent Council meets once or twice per term with the Rector to discuss aspects of the work and life of the school.

The Parent Council comprises:-

Parent Forum Members:

Chairman – John Walker
Vice-Chairman – Jim Buchan
Treasurer – Odette Strain
Clerk – Narelle Milne


Shona Taylor

Helen James

Nik James

Euan Martin

Malcolm Howard

Louise Smith

Jane Beaton

Elaine McDermott

Jacqueline Priest

Claire Ellis

Lynette Boyd


Co-Opted Members

Treasurer – Odette Strain


Teacher Members

Wendy Steven


Other Parents Who Attend

Cameron Ewen

Lorraine Edwards

Sara Oakes


Head Teacher

Mr Alan Horberry


Local Aberdeenshire councillors are also invited to attend the Council Meetings.

Our local councillors are :-

Mr John B Cox

Mr Mark Findlater

Mr Hamish Partridge

Mr Mike Roy

Parents can raise issues with the Parent Council by e-mail to or by leaving a letter with the School Office.


Parents will find the national website full of information about many aspects of their child’s education

Minutes of Parent Council Meetings

Click on each of the headings below to view the Minutes for that specific meeting.

Parent Council Minutes Thursday 25th January 2018

Parent Council Minutes 23rd Nov 2017

Parent Council Minutes AGM 28th Sept 2017

Parent Council Minutes 31st Aug 2017

Banff Academy Parent Council Minutes 15th June 2017

Parent Council Minutes 19th January

Parent Council Minutes 21st November 2016

Parent Council AGM Minutes September 29th 2016