Music is an enjoyable and varied activity that should appeal to any student and is designed to be inclusive and to cater for the many as well as stretching and challenging those who are already play an instrument. The core skills of the subject are Listening, Composing and Performing, with approximately equal weighting given to all three skills. Students will be expected to perform throughout the course and should aim to participate in the very active music life of the school. It is worth mentioning, too, that the skills learned in being active performers extend to all other aspects of life!



Staffing for session 2017/2018:

  • Miss L. Hepburn
  • Mrs M.  Smith (0.4 FTE)
  • Miss A. Grant (NQT)


Courses offered

  • National 4 / National 5 / Higher/ Advanced Higher Music

The Department is currently developing the Music with Technology as an elective short course with a view to offering the National 5 Music with Technology from session 2018-2019 onwards.