Meet Our Staff

Roles of our Staff within School

The Principal Teachers along with the Senior Management Team make up the Banff Academy Management Team.

Principal Teachers – Faculty/Subjects

The role of the Principal Teacher Faculty/Subjects is to lead the Faculty/Subject by providing a sense of direction.  This is done through raising attainment, promoting achievement and fostering high expectations.  The Principal teacher is also responsible for communicating effectively all Faculty/Subject issues with pupils, teachers, parents and wider community.

Developing and promoting effective learning and teaching and quality assuring the work of the faculty and planning for improvement are also central to the Principal Teacher remit.  The Principal Teacher acts as the link between the SMT and the Faculty.

Principal Teachers – Guidance

The Guidance Teachers are a key link between pupils, Parents/Carers and teaching colleagues. They will work with pupils throughout their learning journey during their time with us, supporting them as they make decisions about their next steps beyond life at the Academy. Their role is to provide guidance to pupils, in terms of their progress, their personal and social development and their careers education.


Our teachers are the key to the delivery of education to pupils – it is this group that can really make a difference to pupils’ lives through the provision of teaching where they build on the foundations of the earlier learning which took place during primary school.

 Teachers provide the next building block in a pupil’s development toward adulthood, so that, when pupils leave school, they are positive and enthusiastic about their future with a hunger to continue learning in whichever step they take, whether that be into further or higher education, employment or voluntary work.

Support Teams

Support Teams provide a crucial role in the effective delivery of education at BanffAcademy.

  • Administrative Team maintaining systems and processes that contribute to the smooth running of the school and is a key link in the communication process between the Academy and Parents/Carers.
  • Catering Team providing nutritious breakfast and lunches for pupils and staff and is committed to the Hungry for Success initiative.
  • Cleaning Team ensuring the cleanliness of the school is maintained at the beginning and end of each school day.
  • Janitorial Team which contributes to the daily maintenance of the buildings, its cleanliness and security.
  • Librarian and Library Assistants providing curricular support to pupils and staff, as well as promoting and supporting information on extra curricular pursuits.
  • Personal Support Assistants provide additional support for Teachers.
  • School Nursing Assistant provides medical assistance and first aid cover throughout the school.
  • Technical Team ensuring that the equipment and ever-increasing reliance on technology is in place and works effectively in the classroom.