Broad General Education (S1-S3)

Broad General Education (S1-3)

In S1 pupils do Social Studies (a combination of Geography, History and Modern Studies) and RMPS, under the broad theme of The World – people and places.

In S2 pupils study Geography, History, Modern Studies and RMPS under the broad theme of Scotland and the World.

In Geography pupils look at local and global landscapes, comparing Scotland and Australia. They also study climate change; in Modern Studies pupils compare the cultures and politics of Scotland and China. They also study global terrorism. In History pupils study the Jacobites and the Rise of Nazi Germany. In RMPS pupils compare Christianity and Buddhism, explore different cultures’ creation stories, learn how people change the World, explore the significance of images and learn about Islam.

In S3 pupils study their choice of Social Subject and core RMPS. Pupils must choose at least one Social Subject.

Geography – Weather, Climate Zones, glaciation, earthquakes & volcanoes and tropical storms.

History – Scots in World War One, The Assassination of JFK and the Atlantic Slave Trade.

Modern Studies – Political Issues (decision making); Social Issues (poverty in UK); International issues (crimes against humanity)

RMPS – Philosophy, Morality, Racism and Hinduism.