Creative Industries

The UK’s Creative Industries are worth £90 billion a year to the UK economy with the sector growing at almost twice the rate of the wider UK economy – generating £9.6million per hour!  Jobs in Creative Industries fields account for 1 in 11 jobs and is rising more quickly than all other parts of the economy. These jobs are also among the least likely to be lost to automation.


In short “Creative Industries is the future!”


The Creative Industries Faculty comprises of four departments Art & Design; Drama; Music and; Design and Technology offering certificated courses up to and Advanced Higher in multiple disciples.  Skills learned in one department are complementary and transferrable to other departments both within the faculty and in the wider school.


The Faculty offers a wide variety of extra-curricular clubs from Robotics to Samba Band with Supported Study sessions offered by all departments

The Faculty are also coming together to re-launch Global Rock Challenge at Banff Academy – watch this space!

Staffing for session 2017/2018:

  • Miss C. McFarlane (PT)
  • Miss L. Cherry
  • Miss A. Grant (NQT)
  • Miss L. Hepburn
  • Mr A. Lillie
  • Miss C. Paton (NQT)
  • Mrs M. Smith (0.4 FTE)
  • Miss R. Steele
  • Mrs P. Wickens